Adult Colouring Book PREORDER

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Who says you need to be a kid to love colouring books?! These colouring books are definitely NOT for children and are filled with phrases that are both offensive and hilarious! Sixteen 8x11 pages of bold designs on a white background (green background in photos is solely to show details better) for you to colour and display however you see fit! Hang em on your wall, gift them to your bestie, mail them to your enemies....the possibilities are endless! There are only five pages displayed because half the fun is in the surprise! Happy colouring!

THIS IS A DISCOUNTED PREORDER. The books will be ordered once we reach our goal of 12 filled preorder slots. Production time is (including delivery to Rainy Day Renegade headquarters) is roughly two weeks from when they are put into production. There are only 20 preorder slots, once they are filled price will increae to 13$.