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Goldfish Bag Earrings

Regular price $23.00

Who doesn’t love a good statement earring? These goldfish bags are such a carnival vibe and we are here for it!

These earrings are handmade at Rainy Day Renegade headquarters and because of the handmade nature, each pair is unique! The goldfish are hand sculpted out of polymer clay, then set in resin (formed in hand cut and sealed recycled bags.) Once cured, they’re removed from their forms, drilled, and the findings are attached with black wrapped wire. They’re very lightweight and super fun! 

They measure roughly 1 inch across and 1.5 inches tall, giving them an approximate 2 inch dangle on stainless steel hooks. Sometimes these fish have a mind of their own and will swim in every direction, but for the most part they float upright near the bottom of the bag. 

There are a few different options to choose from. A Grades are the ones that turned out just fine how they were envisioned. B Grades are so slightly imperfect that it’s hardly noticeable unless you’ve got both pairs in front of you. Basically what happened here, is we used an opaque bag instead of our usual transparent bags and the resin took on the tiniest amount of the opaqueness (See the photos for just how minimal it is) and, because it’s something we can’t unsee, they’re available for a dollar less than the A grade earrings. The “Smol” pair are just that, through the fabrication process, one pair turned up to be slightly smaller than it’s A grade counterparts, so we are selling them at a B grade price.

We don’t offer refunds or exchanges on our products, but if something is really wrong, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us via email and we will be happy to help you out!